imgBeaverton, OR (October 24, 2013)—Audio Precision recently announced a new Loudspeaker Production Test suite, which allows users to test loudspeaker driver production and gives them a final QA for integrated products such as soundbars, pro-audio powered speakers, smartphones and hands free devices.

In less than one second, the Loudspeaker Production Test measurement returns multiple results: rub and buzz, impedance magnitude and phase, key Thiele-Small parameters, SPL, frequency response, phase, and distortion (either total or specific harmonics). Polarity can be evaluated with the built-in phase measurement, or by a separate half-second measurement. If required, air leak detection is measured in another half-second measurement. All normal APx functionality, such as floating limits based on a golden unit, smoothing, one-click automation and automated reporting are also available.

In addition to the Loudspeaker Production Test suite, a new R&D suite has also been released. The new Impedance/ Thiele-Small measurement enables complex impedance and full Thiele-Small parameters. Waterfall (CSD) and polar plots have also been added.

Audio Precision