imgZurich, Switzerland (April 15, 2013)-Barix unveiled new enhancements to its professional two-way IP audio solutions for broadcast radio and intercom at the NAB Show 2013.
The company showed its Partyline Intercom solution at the show, highlighting open-channel communications across multiple parties, reportedly without audio interference. New enhancements are said to eliminate the need to configure IP addresses and servers, removing some complexity involved in multipoint IP audio system setup.
Barix demonstrated how camera operators and other production personnel could use the Annuncicom PS1 on the move, utilizing a push-to-talk button with selectable audio channels to facilitate communications amongst directors and production personnel. 

Barix also showed its enhanced Exstreamer 500 bi-directional audio device. The device now supports both constant and variable bitrate, with the former added to simplify streaming to Shoutcast and Icecast servers-pertinent for extending how broadcasters incorporate Barix IP audio solutions for live streaming and syndicated program distribution. A new chip improves quality of the analog-to-digital conversion path to enhance professional broadcast sound.
The Exstreamer 500 is a multi-protocol encoder and decoder with balanced audio and professional I/O options for signal relay and control. In broadcast, it is designed for STL and remote contribution applications. Broadcasters can simplify configuration using the Exstreamer 500 with the Barix Reflector Service, creating a streaming audio solution that replicates a received stream to an unlimited number of destinations through the public internet. The Reflector Service is based on a simple server-client architecture that removes IP address, server and other configuration issues.
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