imgCypress, CA (July 19, 2013)—Digital cinema projection company Christie has entered the pro audio market with the the launch of its Christie Vive Audio solution, a single enclosure line array speaker for cinema presentations.

“The introduction of digital technology has sparked tremendous changes in movie content since 2005, but many theaters are still using audio systems designed for 35mm film,” said Craig Sholder, Christie’s Entertainment Solutions unit vice president. “With Christie Vive Audio, we have found a way to take all the benefits of line array configuration and put it into a cinema environment by combining it with ribbon driver technology and Class D amplification.”

The Christie Vive Audio solution comprises surround and screen channel speakers, subwoofers, and Class D amplifiers. At the core of the system are screen channel speakers with ribbon driver technology and a line array speaker design, all in a single enclosure.

“Typical audio solutions in the market have not kept up with performance demands of DCI specifications for audio – until now,” said Jim Hall, senior product manager with Christie’s Entertainment Solutions unit. “The Christie Vive Audio integrated solution with its extended frequency response, high dynamic range and ultra fast transient response, along with unprecedented peak-to-average SPL ratios and smooth and even coverage, meets the performance demands of the DCI specification. Christie Vive Audio represents a major leap in cinema sound, with perfect timbre-matching that unleashes the potential of today’s uncompressed digital audio along with leading immersive audio platforms such as Dolby Atmos.”