imgNew York, NY (October 15, 2013)—Coleman Audio will show its new RED48 summing console at the 135th AES Convention this week. This summing console consists of three sections: the control room monitor, the communications and the mix bus.

The control room monitor section has three balanced stereo input sources and the mix buss from which to select. A passive stepped attenuator is used to adjust the level for the control room monitors or alternate speakers and a remote dim switch for those important phone calls.

The communication section includes a talkback mic and level control that feeds the cue system, a separate slate output to designate tracks, remote switches for both these functions, and an extra remote jack for yet another remote talkback switch.

The mixing section has 48 balanced analogue inputs summed down to left and right. The 48 inputs are hard left and hard right so they combine to 24 stereo inputs. The remote for the RED 48 has a Penny and Giles stereo master fader along with function switches for slate, talkback, and dim. The mix buss feeds a balanced analogue signal out to a pair of XLR connectors to burn a CD, or to be recorded back on the DAW.

Coleman Audio