imgGainesville, GA (February 14, 2014)—Danley Sound Labs has expanded its Genesis and Jericho Horns with its new Danley SBH-10 “Skinny Big Horn” column speaker.

Using Danley’s patented Paraline technologies, the SBH-10 is intended to give users a more aesthetically appealing speaker with fidelity and pattern control.

The SBH-10 is composed of eight 5-inch coaxial drivers and acts as a single large Synergy Horn with the directivity of a horn over 25 feet.

“Using our patented Paraline technology, the SBH-10 has the directivity of a 25-foot long horn, yet it is only nine inches deep. Moreover, due to horn-loading, the SBH-10 has a sensitivity of 99 dB, which is 10 dB greater than similar-sized cone-loaded products, and because it has such a high power handling rating, is capable of close to 20 dB greater output when compared to similarly sized, front-loaded designs,” explained Mike Hedden, president of Danley Sound Labs.

Danley Sound Labs