Miami, FL (January 6, 2017)—D.A.S. Audio has unveiled its Event Line Array Systems Performance Simulator, a new online tool that can calculate how many Event 208A or Event 210A systems are required to properly cover a given audience or determined audience area.

Available at the D.A.S. website, the Simulator asks users to select the system, choose whether the loudspeakers should be flown or ground stacked, the area to be covered, or the number of people in the audience.

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By next clicking on "Calculate," the simulator outputs a wealth of data, including the number of Event 208A or Event 210A systems required, configuration options, coverage maps and rigging data. Areas up to 115 feet by 115 feet or an audience size of up to 4,900 people can be configured in just a few clicks. The end result is a far more detailed approach to ensuring consistent coverage throughout any given area—saving time in the process.

Jaime Villegas, general manager at D.A.S. Audio USA, noted, “The new Event Systems Performance Simulator is an intuitive tool that enables anyone working in sound reinforcement and visiting our website to quickly resolve questions regarding area coverage. Designed specifically for our Event 208A or Event 210A systems, this innovative tool is yet another example of how D.A.S. strives to make every aspect of using our company’s products a world-class experience. I’m confident our sound reinforcement customers will find much to like.”

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