imgEdison, NJ (August 27, 2014)—Italian loudspeaker manufacturer dB Technologies recently upgraded its active subwoofer offerings with the new Sub H Series of 15-inch and 18-inch hybrid horn-loaded cabinets. The new design reportedly provides extended low-frequency range and high performance output while reducing the cabinet weight and increasing power efficiency.

With a hybrid horn-loading designed cabinet, dB Technologies was able to achieve a one octave lower frequency response then its previous offerings.

In the cabinet design, the front sound wall is slanted in the direction of the bass reflex ports. Through this, the air output is adjusted to the environment without turbulence and the energy is conserved.

Compared to the previous Sub D Series, the new subwoofers actually use a smaller amplifier, providing better efficiency and power consumption while still achieving 133-134 dB maximum SPL output.

Other upgrades include auto-range power supply for use worldwide; 56-bit DSP processing for crossover, EQ, limiter and delay management; Powercon link to connect with full-range cabinets; and mini-USB port to update system firmware and retrieve telemetry log files that provide service information on usage.

The cabinets feature stereo inputs with selectable link or crossover outputs, crossover frequency switch (90 Hz or 120 Hz), phase inversion switch & built-in delay (up to 4.5 ms adjustable in 0.5 ms steps). The delay provides the ability to correctly couple with other full-range cabinets and set up advanced subwoofer configurations (cardioid, end-fire or straight line) without the need for external processors.

dB Technologies