imgSalt Lake City, Utah (March 20, 2013)—Harman has introduced the PS6 AC power supply for the dbx PMC16 Personal Monitor Controller, which can provide power for up to six separate units.

The dbx PMC16 Personal Monitor Controller is remote control which allows performers to set up and control their own personal mixes of up to 16 channels of audio. Each channel can be tweaked with EQ, panning, Stereo Width control and effects, including a choice of built-in Lexicon reverbs. The PMC16 can be used with traditional on-stage monitor systems, powered personal monitors, in-ear monitors, digital snakes and headphones.

The dbx PS6 connects to a PMC16 Personal Monitor Controller via a standard 12-volt DC center-negative cable. Cables are included with the PS6. The PMC can be configured to operate with either 48 kHz or 96 kHz D/A conversion. Its built-in dbx PeakStop limiting prevents the possibility of signal overload.