EAW's QX396. All models share an identical enclosure.
Whitinsville, MA (June 10, 2013)—Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) has introduced the new QX300 full range loudspeaker system, a compact high-output, low-resonance loudspeaker system.

The QX300 range surrounds a high-output, low-resonance, 4-in coil / 1.4-in exit high frequency compression driver with four 10-in low frequency cone transducers in vertical and horizontal pairs. EAW offers six distinct coverage patterns within the range. And unlike the QX500 range, the QX300 range uses different spacing for the vertical and horizontal pairs of LF devices to better match the beamwidth of the system through the crossover transition.

"EAW engineers crafted the low frequency driver spacing in the QX300 range to transition smoothly to the high frequency section in both the horizontal and vertical planes," said EAW President Jeff Rocha. "The smaller format of the QX300 horns and the nature of a 2-way system push the optimal bandwidth of the low frequency section to a higher frequency than that found in the QX500 range. At these frequencies, the horns are exhibiting the targeted pattern control of the finished system, which is most commonly wider in one plane than the other. In order to ensure a beamwidth-matched crossover on both axes, the engineering team developed a symmetrical enclosure that delivers wider LF spacing in one plane than the other.”

Like the QX500 range, all models share an identical enclosure. EAW designed the QX300 range for permanent installation only, and the products can be ordered in standard black or white or with EAW’s famous WP weather-protected coating.