imgNettetal, Germany (October 8, 2013)—Studio processor manufacturer elysia has announced the availability of the xfilter true stereo equalizer, part of the company’s line of 19-inch rackmounting hardware.

The xfilter also provides two mid-peak filters with switchable (wide or narrow) Q factor. Its four active bands feature a switchable fixed LC filter for polishing the high frequency range. This passive filter mainly consists of a capacitor and a coil per channel that produce a slight resonance peak around 12 kHz, focusing the saturation-like storage effect of the coil on the area around the peak without pushing the complete high frequency spectrum.

The new xfilter rack sports a high-grade linear power supply with shielded toroidal transformer, and is housed in a lightweight full-aluminium chassis. Both XLR and balanced quarter-inch inputs and outputs are provided.