Portland, OR (July 14, 2017)—Unveiled last November, Ear Trumpet Labs’ Nadine—a microphone designed exclusively for upright bass—“has maintained a steady waitlist,” offers the company.

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A handmade, “boutique-built” microphone, Nadine is a medium-large (26 mm) diaphragm cardioid condenser mic specifically designed for use on upright bass, available for $599 street. The low end is tuned to give a flat response at the mounting distance, and the cardioid pickup pattern reportedly provides very natural sound by picking up as much of the surface of the bass as possible, within the constraints of the close placement. Notably, Nadine provides significant rejection off the back of the mic, allowing use with stage monitors. 

Further, the head of the microphone is separated from the body and mounts easily between the strings above the tailpiece using a rubber grommet. The body of the microphone is fastened to the tailpiece with substantial Velcro elastic. A 14-inch Mogami cable connects the two parts for simple placement.

Other key features include a 20 Hz – 15 kHz frequency response (+/-3dB), -38.9 dB sensitivity, a 1 lb. weight (4 lbs. in its case), and dimensions of 8” x 2” x 2”.