imgNew York, NY (September 9, 2013)—French studio monitor manufacturer Focal is releasing Spirit Professional headphones in September, designed for monitoring use.

The circum-aural design of the headphones is intended to optimize acoustic coupling to the ear. Aimed for professional recording studios, the headphones are also suitable for broadcasting or home studios, where the noise level is much higher; thus, they were designed as closed-type headphones. Memory foam is used in the ear-pieces, and the dimensions of the ear-pieces have been increased in comparison to the Spirit One headphones in order to reduce the pressure level while ensuring insulation.

The headphones sport Mylar/ Titanium alloy drivers, and work on the acoustical load of the transducers has reportedly resulted in articulated bass similar to open-style headphones. The Spirit Professionals include a low-impedance OFC coiled cable (13ft / 4m) as well as a straight cable (4.6ft / 1.4m) with a built-in track selector and microphone for receiving calls.

Focal Professional