imgNashville, TN (April 1, 2013)—Today, a number of pro audio manufacturers contacted us about new products that, frankly, left us incredulous. Rather than edit down their product announcements into PSN's trademark, even-handed distillations that are free from marketing hype, today we're making a rare exception and running these announcements 'as-is' so that you, our readers, can fully assess these unique products for yourselves, just as the manufacturers intended.

When we set out to make the most transparent processor on the market, we had no idea how far that road would lead. 10 years and 8 engineers later we have the most remarkable processing module that we have ever heard...or NOT heard.

The 500T is perfect for the engineer with an empty slot to fill in their 500 Series rack. It will do things to your mix that you never thought a processor would do.

Many people who have tried the Transparenator are at a loss for words when it comes to describing the sonic impact that it has. I assure you, that is by design.

Purity through Simplicity was our design mantra from day 1. First, we set out to make the BEST SOUNDING processor that we could by eliminating a lot of the unnecessary componentry in the signal path. Transformers add a lot of harmonic content... so we got rid of those. Capacitors and Inductors affect frequency throughput, so we eliminated them.

This slash and burn approach to the parts of the audio circuit that dirty up your signal, was just the start. It also needed to be easy to use. Three adjustments are all that you need to worry about to get transparent tone.

To not confuse the user with multiple states of operation, we’ve eliminated the typical ON/OFF switch and replaced it with an ON/ON switch. Never again will you have to worry about wether your processor is turned on or not. After all, you have more important things to worry about.

The percentage adjustment knob gives you very fine control over percentage with nearly 320o of turning radius! More than any other percentage knob on the market. We have precision engineered our Percentage Knob to have virtually no effect on your audio, what-so- ever.

This Twin Bypass TopologyTM switch allows you to hear just how little affect the Transparenator is having on your signal. If you hear a difference in your tone between the A and B position, you are clearly doing something wrong.

Chris Grainger, producer for Sixpence None the Richer and Switchfoot, remarked, “The Transparenator is one of the most important pieces of gear taking up space in my rack. I run everything through it, and can't even tell it's even there... Awesome!” Lynn Fuston, engineer for Amy Grant and Andy Griffith, noted, "It sounds like nothing else I have ever heard." Brian Foraker, engineer for Heart and .38 Special, said, “I don't even own a 500 Series but I will be buying one just for this!!

Percent Knob Turn Radius    320o
Percent Knob Color    Dark Black
LED Color    Yes
LED Current Draw< 1A
Total Current Draw< 1A
Main Power Switch Positions        On/On
A/B Switch Cycle Ratings    30,000 pushes
Faceplate Light Reflectivity    50 foot candles
THD %    - 5%
Weight    650 Kg
Dimensions    1.5” x 5” x 6”

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