Atlanta, GA (August 10, 2017)—The sixth pattern in GIK Acoustics’ Impression Series of low frequency (LF) absorbers, DIGIWAVE panels come in three sizes and two pattern orientations (DIGIWAVE horizontal and DIGIWAVE vertical, pictured above).

The Impression Series is designed to create “an even balance of low end absorption without losing high frequency presence,” according to the company, as it features decorative, semi-reflective rigid plates attached to absorptive acoustic panels and bass traps.

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The rigid plate is said to help reflect and scatter high frequency content around a room while absorbing low frequency content.  

The Impression Series’ three sizes, Square, Narrow and Rectangle, measure 23” x 23”, 11.5” x 45.5”, and 23” x 45.5”, respectively.

Three levels of absorption are available via three thicknesses, 2”, 4”, or 6”.

GIK Acoustics