Atlanta, GA (April 19, 2017)—GIK Acoustics has unveiled its latest product, the Gotham N23 Skyline Diffusor, featuring what is reportedly the widest diffusion range on the market.

Designed to provide notably even diffusion from 1.25 kHz to 9.5 kHz  with scattering effects down to 650 Hz, the Gotham N23 Skyline, or two-dimensional, diffusor measures 17.5 inches x 17.5 inches x 5.5 inches deep, weighs 20 lbs., is made of medium density fibreboard (MDF) and can be used in its natural state or painted to match any décor. It has a 23-root, calculated quadratic sequence, machine cut within 120th of a inch, confirms GIK promotional materials.

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GIK explains that skyline diffusors offer the benefit of scattering sound across two planes: horizontal (left and right) and vertical (up and down). As such, it effectively broadens a room’s soundscape, making it “sound larger.”

The Gotham N23 Quadratic Skyline Diffusor is sold two (2) per box, $358 per pair, or $179 each (different shipping rates apply for the latter).

Limited to the first 40 orders, GIK Acoustics is offering a 15% discount on the Gotham N23. Simply use the Discount Code GIKGOTHAM at GIK’s direct order checkout to receive 15% off all Gotham N23 5" Quadratic Skyline Diffusers in your cart.

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