imgDenver, CO (August 31, 2012)-Harris Broadcast Communications will launch its second product, the Intraplex IP Link audio codec family at The Radio Show in Dallas in late September.

The new IP Link 200 retains all the features of its predecessor, the IP Link 100, and adds a second bi-directional stereo input for multi-channel capability. The IP Link 200 also offers an intelligent front panel user interface for customers that desire more flexibility in device configuration, offering simple steps to change audio settings and establish IP addresses for network transport. This gives engineers and technicians the freedom to use the IP Link 200 for multiple purposes, from remote broadcast contribution to studio-to-studio or studio-to-transmitter links.
The IP Link 200 otherwise offers entirely analogous audio and streaming capabilities to its predecessor, including support for multiple audio formats and its unique multicodin ability. This feature enables simultaneous delivery of audio in many formats, enabling the best possible efficiency for streaming bandwidth. For example, multicoding allows broadcasters to deliver uncompressed audio over a large IP pipe, and send AAC-HE (High Efficiency) or other compressed audio over a secondary DSL link. 
Other parallel features between the IP Link 100 and 200 include Dynamic Stream Splicing, which sends multiple identical streams over the same network-or two different paths-and allows each stream to "borrow" data from others to avoid service interruptions from packet loss.  This provides reliability associated with T1 and E1 networks versus less predictable IP connections.
Dual WAN ports and a separate IP management port boost network reliability further, offering assurance in audio delivery not seen in comparably priced codecs.  Built-in silence sensors and alarms meanwhile enable automatic switching between streams, with failover to localized audio sources possible via direct playout from the receiving IP Link 200 device.
Harris Broadcast Communications