imgCambridge, MA (August 11, 2014)—iZotope has RX 4 and RX 4 Advanced, the latest editions of its audio repair and enhancement software.

Intended for use fixing noisy, distorted or flawed audio, the two editions will be released in September; customers who purchase RX 3 after August 7, 2014 will receive a free upgrade to RX 4 upon release, and previous customers will be offered special upgrade pricing.

Used by musicians, sound engineers and post production professionals, the new RX 4 is designed to be a companion to a DAW or NLE. New RX 4 features include Clip Gain, allowing users to adjust volume levels of vocals and instruments; a Dialogue Denoiser to reduce background noise; and RX Connect functionality, intended to streamline the editing process with Pro Tools, Logic, and other popular software.

Additionally, the RX 4 Advanced edition includes a Leveler to automatically adjust volume of mixes in post production, and EQ Match to keep mixes sounding consistent throughout the post production process.

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