Santa Cruz, CA (October 11, 2017)—Josephson Engineering is shipping its first production model to use a vacuum tube: the C725 hybrid vacuum-tube microphone.

Developed for more than five years, the C725 aims to provide smooth, warm sound without loss of detail while being able capture subtle musical nuances. The company developed a circuit using the cascode topology already used in most of its other mics, but with an FET and a tube doing the work rather than two FETs as with other models. The capsule, which is the same dual-diaphragm multi-chamber design used in the C700 and C716, is manufactured in-house.

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The C725 uses Josephson Engineering’s metal foam grille to provide shielding and protection for the capsule with minimal internal reflections.

The circuit inside the microphone uses an FET and a vacuum tube in cascode configuration, and a custom nickel-core output transformer, allowing the low noise of the FET to be combined with the dynamic characteristics of the tube.

The microphone comes with a dedicated power supply and Pelican shipping case and is available from Josephson Engineering dealers worldwide.

Josephson Engineering