Chanhassen, MN (October 12, 2017)—Now under the roof of Digital Audio Labs, LaChapell Audio has announced its 500TDI tube direct box 500 series module ($700 street). The design provides a combination of standard DI functionality—converting an unbalanced and/or high impedance signal to a balanced low impedance signal—and proprietary sonic shaping options.

The 500TDI is a single bay vacuum tube DI for the 500 series format. LaChapell Audio’s trademarked TrueTube technology “fully powers the tube without drawing unnecessary power or harming the power supply in any way,” explains LaChapell promotional materials. “This makes the 500TDI the only tube direct box in the 500 series format to benefit from a tube’s true potential.”

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The 500TDI’s dual drive knobs provide a range of tonal options—from “clean with a hint of warmth to harmonically rich and beyond into tube overdrive distortion.” Usefully, the two inputs (one serving as a pass-through output) each have different input impedances and can be used to further shape the sound.

Digital Audio Labs has over 25 years of experience in digital audio, amplification, digital signal processing and audio equipment manufacturing. Based in Chanhassen, Minnesota, Digital Audio Labs is known for its CardD and CardDeluxe audio cards. In addition to Livemix and now LaChapell Audio, Digital Audio Labs is a design and manufacturing OEM partner for other pro audio firms.

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