imgGraz, Austria (June 11, 2013)—Lambda Labs has added to its CX series with the introduction of its new high end CX-3A monitor.

The CX-3A sports a 15” woofer with a linear xmax of +/- 8mm, and a compression driver that offers a Beryllium diaphragm as well as a 4” voice coil. The active loudspeaker, with its axialsymetric dispersion of 75°x75°, is intended for medium-range sound applications in main PA mode, as well as a floor monitor.

While it has a Beryllium diaphragm, the loudspeaker also employs FIR filters and custom-made dual range converters. The CX-3A measures 63 x 51 x 42 centimeters, weighs roughly 50 lbs. has and two optional monitor angles of 35° and 58°. The touch of a button on the integrated 1000 Watt RMS DSP amplifier yields a number of monitor applications with varying break-frequencies, from a stationary, full range mode, to the connection of additional active Lambda Labs products such as the MF 15A sub-woofer.
Lambda Labs