Barcelona, Spain (February 25, 2016)—Dolby Atmos is coming to more consumer platforms with the announcement at the Mobile World Congress of the launch of the new Lenovo TAB3 series tablets.

“We are excited to further enrich Lenovo’s Dolby Atmos mobile device offerings with the launch of the Lenovo TAB3 series products,” said Jeff Meredith, vice president and general manager, tablets, mobile business group, Lenovo. “Dolby Atmos sound has been a key differentiator of the Lenovo tablets through the past year. We look forward to delivering the amazing moving audio experience to more consumers with the new Lenovo TAB3 series.”

With the addition of the Lenovo TAB3 7, the Lenovo TAB3 8, and the Lenovo TAB3 10 Business to the Dolby Atmos portfolio, Lenovo now has more than 10 Dolby Atmos-enabled devices in market. The new TAB3 series is expected to ship beginning June 2016.

“The launch of the Lenovo TAB3 series devices with Dolby Atmos has further strengthened the growing momentum of Dolby Atmos in the mobile world,” said John Couling, senior vice president, e-media business group, Dolby Laboratories. “We will continue to innovate together with Lenovo to enhance immersive mobile entertainment experiences for consumers around the world.”

Dolby Laboratories

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