St. Louis, MO (October 26, 2016)—Locomotive Audio’s Weight Tank sub-brand of professional audio hardware is official with the debut of the “colored, vari-mu style” Weight Tank Compressor, an all-tube, single channel compressor featuring 6BC8 and 12AU7 tubes, three all-steel audio transformers (at input, inter-stage and output points), and an super impressive initial presale price of $899.

The Weight Tank Compressor allows switching between two pure Class A output bias points, Round versus Drive.

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Round mode reportedly produces a purer “smooth, sweet” tone, where Drive pushes the unit’s 12AU7 output tube hotter, offering “an enhanced harmonic structure and overall driven tonal shift,” details Locomotive Audio’s Eric Strouth. “Switching between these two bias settings can result in both subtle or drastic changes depending on the source material and how much signal is being sent through the unit.

A limited number of Weight Tank Compressors will be initially available; final 2017 pricing will increase “after demand, cost of materials and labor have been all factored,” according to the company.

Preorders purchased at $899 will begin shipping in January 2017.

Check out the following video for some insight into the tones available via Weight Tank.


Locomotive Audio’s Weight Tank