imgUnited Kingdom (October 29, 2013)—At the recent AES Convention in New York, Prism presented the Maselec MLA-4 Compressor/Expander.

Based around the MLA-3 multiband compressor, the MLA-4 offers expansion on all bands, with ratios from 6:1 compression to 1:2 expansion. The link circuits are separate, so users can link compression from one frequency band while the expansion from the other band is also linked. This unique linking feature makes it possible to create a compression from the bass on the whole program and at the same time expand the mid range or the highs to get a groove with added punch. As a result, users can have both compression and expansion simultaneously in a frequency band.

The unit features high-visibility metering for each band. All the controls are rotary switches, with no potentiometers to be found. This reportedly helps the left and right channels track even under heavy processing. Availability is expected to start in November.