imgWaterloo, ON (November 30, 2012)—Monolith Interactive has released Test Oscillator, its first pro audio application for iPhone and iPod Touch.

According to the company, the app can be used for testing and calibrating microphones, equalizers and preamps to help optimize loudspeaker placement and eliminate resonant harmonics.

The app centers around a frequency dial offering both fine-tune and coarse-tune algorithms, allowing users to dial in exact frequencies. Waveforms include sine, square and a white noise generator, and users can program in two preset frequencies. A sweep function, which when actuated, will sweep from a low frequency to a high frequency in a set amount of time–useful for finding resonant frequencies and isolating annoying rattles and buzzes within a listening environment

In the app settings, users can specify their own frequency presets, sweep low and high frequencies, sweep duration, sweep type (sine or ramp) and sweep cycle (on or off).

Senior User Interface Designer Brian Potstra said: “We wanted the app to have the familiar look and feel of high-end audio hardware–that feeling of tactile confirmation and precise control at your fingertips.”

Test Oscillator app

Monolith Interactive Inc.