Cambridge, MA (September 13, 2017)—MOTU has shipped Digital Performer 9.5, a free update for all DP9 owners that introduces ZTX Pro technology—an audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting DSP developed by Zynaptiq GmbH.

ZTX Pro has been deployed throughout Digital Performer 9.5 wherever audio time-stretching can be applied, so it can be applied to drum loops, solo instruments, multi-timbral material, vocals, full mixes, mono, stereo, n-channel and more. Users can conform imported loops and audio clips to their project tempo, apply wholesale tempo adjustments to entire mixes, create conductor track tempo maps (including gradual tempo changes) and more.

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Hand in hand with that, ZTX Pro pitch-shifting is offered for use on both monophonic and multi-timbral audio material, including full mixes. A new relative pitch editing layer in the Sequence Editor allows users to graphically transpose any audio material up or down by interval using a draggable pitch bar or a pencil tool for pitch correction, adding or removing vibrato and so on.

Another new addition is the Effect Performance window, which monitors the processing load of all currently instantiated virtual instruments and effects plug-ins, allowing users to identify and manage plug-ins that impose high processing demands on their computer.

DP 9.5 is now available as a free download for all DP9 owners at

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