imgAnaheim, CA (January 24, 2013)—TransAudio Group, U.S. distributor of Drawmer signal processing products, has introduced the Drawmer DS101 at the 2013 NAMM Show this week in Anaheim, CA.

The DS101 is the first noise gate module designed by Drawmer specifically for the 500 Series rack system. It is based on a single channel of the DS201 and incorporates the variable high- and low-pass filters and “key listen” monitoring functionality typically offered by Drawmer that enable frequency conscious gating. The new DS101, which can be used for both gating and “ducking” (for voice-over applications or the elimination of unwanted transient artifacts), incorporates envelope controls—threshold, attack, hold, decay and range—plus a host of other features, including Drawmer’s "traffic light" metering. The module’s low-noise circuitry also incorporates Drawmer’s proprietary hysteresis or "trigger stabilization," which reportedly prevents "chatter" around the threshold level.

When installed next to each other in a 500 Series rack, two or more DS101 gates may be linked using Drawmer’s new infrared triggering mechanism. Linked in this fashion, the envelope shaping capabilities of any number of DS101 gates (up to a maximum 10 units in a single rack enclosure) may be independently adjusted while the trigger pulse passes through unchanged. This enables the user to achieve a range of "envelope follower" effects. The DS101 additionally allows external triggering via a front panel 1/4-inch key input connector.

TransAudio Group