imgLeeds, UK (August 11, 2014)—Nugen Audio has launched SEQ-S, a high-fidelity, linear-phase equalizer (EQ) intended for music production and mastering as well as film and post-production applications.

SEQ-S provides stereo mid-side operation, automated spectrum analysis, curve smoothing, and a direct-draw spline interface for corrective applications, supporting mono, stereo, 5.1, and 7.1 surround formats.

Through SEQ-S's direct-draw interface and spectrum analysis, users can identify and fine-tune their audio. When coupled with EQ matching via sonic fingerprinting, they can match one recording to another to capture the "flavor" of a piece of source audio and then transfer it to the current project—a technique that can be used on individual tracks to unify different takes and microphone positions.

In addition, SEQ-S's EQ invert button provides a technique for creating space in a complex mix. In a typical music project, by "sampling" the vocal and then using the EQ invert button to apply the inverted curve to the backing, users can reportedly add specific space without damaging the original tonality of the underlying audio.

Nugen Audio