Santa Cruz, CA (April 20, 2017)—Plugin Alliance has announced availability of its Brainworx bx_subfilter, an AAX Native and DSP, AU, VST2, and VST3 compatible sub-shaping, punch-pronouncing processing plug-in by offering it—and five other plug-ins—for free.

To get the plug-in, users sign up for a Plugin Alliance account and access bx_subfilter as well as the other other free plug-ins, no dongle nor payment required.

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Borrowing its Filter section from its bigger bx_subsynth sibling, bx_subfilter is a resonant high-pass filter that reportedly changes dramatically with frequency, designed by Dirk Ulrich, owner of Brainworx.

Its Tight Punch controls a resonant high-pass filter that is specifically formulated for cutting problem frequencies in bass-heavy tracks; its Low End control applies a post-Tight Punch shelving EQ to achieve a perfect frequency-balanced sound. Gain In/Gain Out controls are available for level matching and preventing clipping.

bx_subfilter also offers selectable (Low, High, and Extreme) peaks for Resonance, offering flexibility while dealing with sources of varying bass content.

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