imgPetaluma, CA (December 12, 2013)—Point Source Audio is now shipping its Series8 miniature microphones in three different styles: headset, earworn and lavaliere.

Created for use in broadcast, theater and live production, the omnidirectional mic elements measure 2-4 mm in diameter and feature 148dB max SPL with an “Unbreakable Boom” bendable to 360 degrees. In addition, they are IP57 waterproof rated against water, sweat and makeup, and feature interchangeable X-connectors.

The SERIES8 cardioid microphones are intended for performers who require isolation from surrounding performers. The cardioid mics reportedly perform best when placed just at the corner of the mouth, which also allows them to maintain an unobtrusive appearance when worn.

”I’ve been passionate about music for more than 30 years and believe there is nothing better than hearing audio at its finest,” stated James Lamb, President, Point Source Audio. “We’ve designed the SERIES8 miniature microphones to have unmatched performance and reliability in a very tiny package. With these standards, we’re confident the SERIES8 products will meet the needs of the most discriminating audio professionals.”

Point Source Audio