imgVancouver BC (June 10, 2014)—Radial Engineering Ltd. has introduced the Radial SB5W, a wall-mount stereo direct box.

Intended for use in boardrooms, auditoriums and other presentation settings, the SB5W is a stereo direct box that fits inside a standard light switch electrical enclosure and employs a Decora wall plate cover for the fit and finish. The design is completely passive, no local powering is needed., and it offers choices of RCA or 3.5mm mini TRS inputs, making it easy to interface to laptops and iPhones.

A level control sets the output, but is augmented with a set-and-forget switch to sum the stereo audio file to mono plus a ground lift to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops that often appear when interfacing computers and video projectors with professional audio equipment.

Connections from the SB5W are done with screw-down terminals and tie wraps for strain relief. Made in Canada from 16 gauge steel, the electronics are fully enclosed in a metal casing to reduce susceptibility from outside magnetic interference.

Radial Engineering Ltd.