Vancouver, Canada (March 6, 2017)—Radial Engineering Ltd. is shipping the Tonebone Texas-Pro, an overdrive pedal combined with a clean booster circuit.

The Texas-Pro features include Radial's Class A buffering circuit, plenty of power to allow multiple pedal drives and longer cable runs, an tonally diverse Overdrive section with individual controls for Drive, output Level, and Tone, a three-position Range switch for overdrive style selection, and more.

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The Texas-Pro’s overdrive is augmented by a separate Boost circuit, reportedly capable of adding +22 dB of clean gain.

A built-in effects loop allows users to connect a series of pedals that are brought into the signal chain upon engaging the Boost circuit. This allows simultaneous activation of the booster and a delay or chorus pedal.

The Texas-Pro is built in Canada with a heavy-duty 14-gauge steel chassis, enclosed within a compact 4.25” x 4” x 2.25” size. It is powered from a standard 9V supply and available for $169.99 list.

Radial Engineering