imgMukilteo, WA (February 1, 2013)—Rane has introduced five additions to its HAL System of open architecture DSP products designed for room combining, paging and distributed audio systems.

New to the line are HAL1x (pictured) and three new 1U expansion products, the EXP1x, EXP3x and EXP5x. The new Expansion Bus between these products now supports 512 inputs and 512 outputs, expanding the number and size of supported applications. Up to 32 EXP devices can be daisy-chained in any order. Latency of a single EXP hop is 750 nanoseconds, so the latency across 32 devices is 22.4 microseconds.

Multiroom and campus facilities can spread HAL devices between distant equipment rooms since the HAL Expansion Bus supports 100 meters (300 feet) for copper CAT 5e or better. Gigabit Ethernet media converters are supported allowing kilometers (miles) between EXP devices.

Rane’s new RAD27 USB Audio sound card integrates today’s computer and iPad audio into professional HAL installations without isolation transformers or analog interfaces. The RAD27 transports digital audio to and from any HAL up to 100 meters away over Shielded CAT 5e or better cable. The RAD27 can simultaneously playback and record USB audio for presentation podiums, or web-based meetings. Alternately, it can play background music or recorded announcements from any PC into any HAL. With no drivers to install, the RAD27 is instantly compatible with Apple and all versions of Windows between 3.1 and 8.

The HAL1x, EXP1x, EXP3x, EXP5x, RAD27 and Halogen 3.0 software will ship in April, 2013.

Rane Corporation