Royer President Rick Perrotta (left) and Royer VP of Sales & Marketing John Jennings with the company's 15th anniversary model R-121.
Burbank, CA (May 22, 2013)—To mark the company’s 15th anniversary, Royer Labs has announced its limited edition R-121 Ribbon Microphone.

Founded in 1998, Royer Labs began by producing its first mic, the R-121 with a black Royer logo, before it later changed to a green logo. The limited-edition mics will don the original black logo to mark the company’s 15th anniversary.

In addition to carrying the original Royer black logo, the 15th Anniversary R-121 Limited Edition Ribbon Microphone also ships with a special 15th Anniversary Certificate of Authenticity personally signed by David Royer, the company’s chief engineer after whom the company is named.

“The R-121 is an exceptional microphone, but I have to admit to being sentimentally attached to the first few R-121s with their black logos,” said John Jennings, Royer Labs’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “When David showed (Royer President) Rick Perrotta and me the original R-121 design, we knew we had a game changer on our hands. That mic laid Royer’s foundation, and over the past fifteen years R-121’s have been used on countless world renowned recordings; everything from heavy rock to the finest classical and scoring work.”

Only 250 15th Anniversary R-121 Limited Edition Ribbon Microphone are available.

Royer Labs