Old Lyme, CT (November 16, 2016)—Sennheiser has announced its Digital 6000 Series RF wireless microphone systems, using the same long-range mode and proprietary Sennheiser Digital Audio Codec as the company’s flagship Digital 9000.

Comprised of a two-channel receiver in two different versions, a bodypack and a handheld transmitter as well as a rack-mount 19-inch charging unit, the Digital 6000 Series will ship in March 2017.

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The digital two-channel receiver works across a switching bandwidth of 244 MHz (470 to 714 MHz), which is covered by three transmitter versions (470 - 558 MHz, 550 - 638 MHz and 630 - 718 MHz).

For larger systems, up to eight receiver units can be daisy-chained and no additional antenna splitter needed; the multi-channel system will work with a single pair of antennas. System latency is 3 milliseconds, reports Sennheiser.

Digital 6000 receivers are fitted with a Link Quality Indicator. If signal is temporarily corrupted to the point where transmission error correction can no longer repair it—e.g., as in difficult RF environments—the intelligent error concealment of the receiver kicks in and intelligent learning algorithms replace the corrupted signal.