imgNiles, IL (December 17, 2014)—Recognizing the company’s iconic Unidyne microphone, Shure Incorporated received the Milestone Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) back in January 2014, putting it in the company of previously recognized inventors ranging from Benjamin Franklin and Nikola Tesla, and the Unidyne technology alongside Milestone Award achievements such as the Apollo Space program.

To mark this achievement, and to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the development and availability of the 55 Unidyne microphone, Shure is releasing a new Limited Edition Unidyne model, the 5575LE Unidyne Limited Edition Cardioid Dynamic Microphone, available starting in December 2014. Only 5575 of the 5575LEs will be made.

“The Unidyne is the most recognized microphone in the world, used by countless performers, including Elvis and Sinatra, as well as numerous contemporary artists” said Scott Sullivan, Senior Director, Global Product Management at Shure Incorporated. “The 5575LE pays homage to the beloved and classic 55 Unidyne, packaging together vintage aesthetic and performance features for collectors and performers.”

Introduced in 1939, the 55 Unidyne was adopted as the microphone of choice for broadcast, public address, recording, and two-way radios. As the popularity of the 55 grew, it found its way into many performance environments that would cement its iconic status and legacy as “the microphone that needs no name.” To the industry, the 55 Unidyne provided control of feedback and reduction of off-axis ambient sound.

Shure Inc.