imgFrankfurt, Germany (April 16, 2013)—SM Pro Audio introduced the new Phase Box, the newest addition to the company’s 500 Series line, at Musikmesse 2013.

The Phase Box provides continuously variable control over the phase of an audio source signal, reportedly allowing users to compensate for phase anomalies and/or correct phase misalignment between two audio streams.

“Phase problems can arise in all recording environments, from M/S microphone recording to the combining of direct and miked signals.” said Phase Box designer and SM Pro co-owner, Danny Olesh. “The Phase Box not only allows you to correct these issues, but to dial in the phase relationship of two signals for the fattest, sweetest sound possible.”

The Phase Box can be place in-line directly after a microphone/instrument preamp or fed via the insert bus of a mixer of DAW. The source audio’s phase can be adjusted up to 360 degrees using the front panel rotary encoder combined with the phase reverse switch. True bypass, low-cut filter, output level adjustment and VU metering are also provided.

The Phase Box design features low noise/wide dynamic range LM49720 op-amps and is slated for release in June 2013.

SM Pro Audio