imgFrankfurt, Germany (April 18, 2013)—SM Pro Audio introduced the Pre-Z Variable Impedance Microphone Preamplifier during Musikmesse 2013. This device features mic and instrument inputs and a full complement of controls, allowing users to expand any given microphone’s tone palette by adjusting the preamp’s input impedance setting.

“The Pre-Z allows you to use impedance to alter the sonic performance of virtually any microphone,” said Pre-Z designer and SM Pro co-owner Danny Olesh. “The results can be nuanced or fairly dramatic, with higher settings providing greater clarity and brightness, and lower settings bringing out subtle resonant frequencies in the microphone’s response.”

The unit allows users to create a variety of tonal colors reportedly without introducing additional noise or degrading the signal. The Pre-Z’s high-pass and low-pass filters offer additional control and signal-shaping options, and its LME49720 opamps are said to ensure low noise, wide dynamic range and up to 68dB of gain.

The Pre-Z is part of the SM Pro Audio’s line of 500 Series modules, racks and lunchbox 500 Series chassis.

SM Pro Audio