Santa Rosa, CA (March 8, 2017)—High-end German interconnectivity firm Sommer Cable has introduced its Transit MC 3202 HD, a video/audio and camera control combo cable that reportedly meets and surpasses the requirements for 4K and 8K Ultra-HD transmission applications.

The new UHD-SDI hybrid cable joins 3 x UHD video (BNC), 2 x digital audio (3-pin XLR) and a camera power supply line (e.g., 4-pin XLR) in one compact cable.

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According to the company, the 3-in-1 cable is flexible, easy to reel and, because of its low damping values,  recommended for long-distance transmissions.

Customers can purchase the new cable in bulk or pre-made and ready for connection. One foot-length samples are available upon request.

Sommer Cable America, Inc.