Bayside, CA (March 30, 2015)—StreamGuys has introduced a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, SGrecast, to accelerate the turnaround of online side channels for radio broadcasters, including podcasts, linear streams and dynamic on-demand content.

Broadcasters and content producers can quickly and publish side channels from existing broadcast streams, including linear radio channels, of any length. In addition to the custom stream possibilities, users are freed from the hardware and technology workflows previously required to achieve the same tasks.
Since SGrecast is multi-seat software, many users can work simultaneously. Customers are given a login and password to access SGrecast from any networked location, and can record and schedule content to expedite the creation and playout of side channels. Larger networks have no limit to the number of simultaneous users, and networks can establish users and content in groups to simplify overall management.
“Broadcasters and content producers have long been hampered by the costs, complexity and channel limitations of the hardware-centric architecture for side channel creation,” said Kiriki Delany, president, StreamGuys. “SGrecast eliminates the need for networks to invest in a stack of hardware and software tools at every production studio for local creation and playout. SGrecast lives on our robust and reliable content delivery network, empowering users with an intuitive, easy-to-use and always-available program to effortlessly manage streams, and quickly generate new content.”
StreamGuys, Inc.