imgToday, a number of pro audio manufacturers contacted us about new products that, frankly, left us incredulous. Rather than edit down their product announcements into PSN's trademark, even-handed distillations that are free from marketing hype, today we're making a rare exception and running these announcements 'as-is' so that you, our readers, can fully assess these unique products for yourselves, just as the manufacturers intended.

New York, NY (April 1, 2014)—Oddly, for a pro audio magazine, we were sent a pair of notices about products intended for guitarists, from Sweetwater and G7 Capo:

Sweetwater’s Research & Development Department, creators of such popular audio solutions as the Virtual Front Man, the Talent plug-in, the Guitar Racket, Minute Audio, and the Octaviser, has s announced its latest addition to the Sweetwater family of professional music tools, the USB HD Modeling Guitar Pick. More information available at

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Lacking a press release – apparently its press department is run by drummers — G7 Capo released a video for its new G7 Performer Performing Capo: