imgAmsterdam, The Netherlands (September 16, 2013)—TC Electronic has introduced UpCon, a new upconversion and downmix processor rack unit which continuously monitors channel formats of incoming audio to achieve 5.1 surround sound.

Intended for film and mastering professionals, the UpCon monitors formats, and if the signal falls back from true 5.1 to stereo, UpCon cross-fades into a 5.1 surround upconversion, reportedly without adding interruptions or artifacts.

The hardware is based on the TC Electronic DB6 platform and UpCon offers the same extended controls. UpCon also offers GPI control, or it can be set up to react to incoming metadata.

UpCon also offers the same expandability as DB6 Multi. It comes with a single 3G SDI stream standard, but it can be expanded with one or two optional UpCon 3G cards for a maximum of three simultaneous SDI streams.

TC Electronic