New York, NY (June 9, 2015)—TC-Helicon is shipping VoiceLive 3 Extreme (VL3X), the latest edition of its ongoing line of live show processors, providing vocal and guitar FX in one box.
VL3X has reportedly four times the built-in memory for loops of VoiceLive3, and adds backing-track storage. With a new FX automation feature, all synchronized to the audio, VL3X can execute vocal and guitar FX changes by itself.
Additionally, the unit adds 24-bit stereo recording via a connected USB flash drive, along with import/export of loops and backing tracks via USB. These are offered in addition to the series’ vocal and guitar FX paths, with Harmony processing and TC Electronic TonePrint sounds. Up to 100 audio backing tracks can be loaded for live accompaniment via a standard USB drive—MP3 and 16/24 bit WAV import formats are supported. An onboard sequencer records and plays back FX and Step activations live, and the unit sports an icon-based play/record/editing interface and waveform display.