Berlin, Germany (December 9, 2016)—Tegeler Audio Manufaktur founder Michael Krusch has unveiled his Schwerkraftmaschine, a unique stereo analog vari-tube compressor that is remote-controllable by plug-in.

As such, the Schwerkraftmaschine allows for a range of compression techniques and tones. Other key features include a variable side-chain that works as a low-cut, tilt EQ, and a mixer to blend compressed and uncompressed signals; transformer balanced inputs and outputs; a 20 Hz-40 kHz (+/- 1.5dB) frequency response; and more.

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According to Tegeler Audio Manufaktur, Schwerkraftmaschine’s analog signal path is augmented via its side-chain, based on a chip that calculates the compression, which “enables it to emulate nearly any type of compressor on the market.” Its control, via plug-in (AU, VST, AAX) allows all settings to be saved in the user’s DAW of choice.

The Schwerkraftmaschine is equipped with servomotor controls, matching the plug-in settings at all times. Users can recall their favorite settings and automate the analog parameters, allowing for different settings within various parts of a track.

The Schwerkraftmaschine is hand-manufactured in Germany and is available for $3,599. Tegeler Audio Manufaktur offers a 14-day “Try Before You Buy Program” free of charge.

Watch the short promotional video for the Schwerkraftmaschine below:


Tegeler Audio Manufaktur