imgRisskov, Denmark (July 9, 2013)—TC Electronic’s TouchMonitor now comes with an optional 5.1 surround instrument, allowing users to incorporate a BLITS instrument for generating and analyzing BLITS test signals.

BLITS (Black & Lane's Ident Tones for Surround) is a tool that allows for testing channel allocation, level and phase of 5.1 surround signals, and is used in international broadcasting.

The special instrument was created to generate a BLITS test signal, as well as to use the BLITS sequence for an analysis and display of level, channel allocation, phase, delay and polarity of incoming digital audio signals in 5.1 mode. Adjustable limits complement the analyzer. The sequence can be acquired from any digital input of the TouchMonitor.

The BLITS instrument features a signal generator part that is capable of generating the 5.1 sequence and a stereo ident sequence either in EBU 3304 format or as the GLITS tone. An identification header like a station ident can be placed optionally in front of the test sequence. The signal will be output through the AES 3 or AES3id output feeds.

TC Electronic