imgLas Vegas, NV (April 22, 2013)-TSL Professional Products Ltd. has introduced its new X1 combined upmix/downmix processor.

TSL PPL's SoundField X-1 provides interoperability between 5.1 and stereo audio controllable from any PC. Designed for on-air use, the X-1 is fitted with a redundant power supply and can be implemented as either a "set and forget" processor, or as a fully adjustable, real-time upmixer and downmixer.

"Efficiency is the key for today's broadcaster striving for a 'do-more-for-less' work ethic that is driven by shrinking budgets, loudness regulations and a demand for more HD/surround programming, " says Chris Exelby, managing director of TSL PPL. "The TSL PPL pedigree, based on pioneering technologies that positively impact production workflow, is increasing in popularity in North America as more and more significant broadcast players embrace our solutions to maximize powerful workflow tools that streamline content delivery."

TSL Professional Products Ltd.