imgSan Diego, CA (February 19, 2014)—Vue Audiotechnik recently unveiled the h-8 speaker system, the latest addition to its h-Class family.

Inside, the h-8 combines an 8-inch transducer with a neodymium compression driver with onboard electronics including a next generation DSP programmed to address every individual element within the h-8's ecosystem. Dual channel, high efficiency amplifiers deliver power for both transducers while eliminating the need for noisy cooling fans.

"We re-examined everything from transducers, electronics and DSP, all the way to mechanical deployment and remote management capabilities,” explained Vue CEO Ken Berger. “It's a comprehensive approach that can only be done when you start with a clean slate, and leverage the most advanced technologies available. The net result is an exceptionally capable combination of size and versatility."

The h-8 also uses Vue’s SystemVue networking technology so the user can easily connect one or more h-8s with any Vue DSP-enabled system via a wired or wireless Ethernet connection to a Windows or Macintosh computer.

VUE Audiotechnik