imgTel Aviv, Israel (July 24, 2014)—Waves Audio has introduced its Waves Soundgrid Studio System, a real-time processing and networking platform that allows users’ DAWs to offload their plug-in processing.

The SoundGrid Studio System can reportedly run a nearly unlimited number of plug-ins, allowing users to track and rehearse with near-zero latency. It enables users to connect all components through a centralized hub, as well as to connect multiple DAWs using the SoundGrid ASIO/Core Audio driver. It is also compliant with SoundGrid-compatible Waves and third-party plug-ins and comes with a line of DSP servers that provide offload capabilities.

The SoundGrid Studio System includes the SoundGrid Studio Application, which manages the SoundGrid network on a host computer; the eMotion ST mixer, which runs plug-ins in real time for recording, mixing and monitoring while tracking or rehearsing; and StudioRack, which runs plug-in chains, saves and loads their presets, and offloads their processing to a SoundGrid DSP server. A SoundGrid ASIO/Core Audio driver connects any DAW to the SoundGrid network as a software I/O.

Combined with DiGiGrid I/Os, the SoundGrid Studio System can allow users to process plug-ins in real time, monitor and network, use old DigiLink interfaces, and expand their studio by connecting everything and everyone through one central I/O.

Waves Audio