imgHamburg, Germany (April 15, 2013)—Yamaha introduced its second-generation HS Series studio monitors and subwoofers at Musikmesse 2013.
The HS5 (5” cone and 1” dome tweeter), HS7 (6.5” cone and 1” dome tweeter) and HS8 (8” cone and 1” dome tweeter) are housed in bass reflex-type cabinets. Two inputs, a balanced XLR and a 1/4" phone jack can accommodate a range of balanced and unbalanced sources, including mixers, keyboards and audio interfaces.
The HS8S (8” cone) powered subwoofer employs large magnets with the intention of producing low distortion sound with defined bottom end at all output levels. Two balanced XLR and two balanced 1/4” phone jacks are provided .

Additionally, the new HS Series cabinets' enclosure designs are constructed from dense MDF with the intention of providing a damped acoustic response suited for reference monitors. Each monitor and subwoofer is also equipped with a high performance amp unit, paired with each transducer.

Each monitor speaker employs noise reduction technology, controlling and reducing the vortex at either end of the speaker port that can generate air vibrations inside and cause unwanted noise.