imgShelton, CT (March 27, 2013)—Production sound mixer Brett Alphin has made a specialty working on reality TV shows, having worked on projects ranging from a Sea World shoot for Animal Planet, to stints on The Apprentice, Hell’s Kitchen and Project Runway.

“The key to a successful career as an ENG mixer is that you must be easy to work with, get good audio, and make the process smooth. People are visual and most of the time, if they can’t see it, they don’t want to worry about it. I don’t want a producer or director to ever think about audio. I want them to know I have it taken care of and they can just expect excellence.”

For each of those projects, he's used a Petrol Bags Eargonizer. His current set up holds a compact Lectrosonics Octopack with two Lectrosonic SSRB receivers, Sound Devices’ 788T recorder and CL-8 mixer. “The whole thing is about 22 pounds,” he said. “I love that the Petrol doesn’t add weight, but it is still sturdy and there is a place for everything. I can set up my gear the way I use it most and keep it that way.”

Petrol Bags