Copenhagen, Denmark (October 16, 2017)—Berliner Synchron, founded in 1949 and one of the largest post production companies in Germany, recently relocated its facilities to the EUREF-campus in Berlin’s Schöneberg district, adding new gear from Digital Audio Denmark in the process.

“We shut down production on a Friday and started packing down everything that had to come along to the new location. Then 72 men came with a crane and moved everything over the weekend and during the following Monday, we connected and tested everything. Tuesday, we were up and running again, having only lost two days of production time,” says Berliner Synchron Tonmeister Michael Gerbes.

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“On top of that, we also decided to invest in a lot of new equipment, making the definite transition from analog to all-digital during the process, which included AX32 and DX32 AD and DA converters from Digital Audio Denmark. The AX32 units for the ADR stages were highly recommended to us due to the high quality of the AD/DA converters, and now that I have heard them in action, I can only agree that they sound very good indeed. Also, and most importantly, the DAD boxes caused no technical hiccups along the way. It was just a matter of installing, configuring, connect and then forget about it because they simply work.”   

Florian Strucken of AVS-Medientechnik GmbH worked with Berliner Synchron as a technical consultant and integrator on the project.

Berliner Synchron has delivered German-language versions for more than 8,000 productions over the past seven decades, overdubbing such movies Catch Me If You Can, Jack Reacher, Allied, Men in Black, Jurassic World, The Equalizer and many others. 

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